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A SOA-Principled Integration Solution

August 10, 2015
The Integration Framework is based on the concept that a large percentage of Interfaces comprise similar patterns. The Integration Framework facilitates the pre-development of this group of common interface patterns, and makes them available as a configuration. From that point on, the creation of new interfaces in that pattern is a matter of parameter configuration. At customers using The Integration Framework, this task is able to be handled by junior resources. Senior resources are not tied up developing common patterns, and junior resources are able to get involved in developing interfaces earlier. Our integration framework gives organisations the opportunity to:

  • Lower the cost of integration by switching the majority of development to configuration
  • Lower the cost of managing the environment by optionally moving the bus into the cloud
  • Increase quality by standardising integration elements such as error conditions, logging and auditing, troubleshooting and other scaffolding
  • Increase the speed of development by reusing defined integration

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