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The technology stack for building software solutions is increasingly rich. With this richness comes capability as well as some complexity. JumpCo (previously known as TSC Technologies is a South African software development company that helps customers use the power of this stack to create business value in their organisations.

Within our Professional Services Division we develop integration, process automation and bespoke solutions based on customer requirements, and offer advice on issues such as: Service-Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Mobile and Java (J2EE) development.

We focus on building architecturally sound solutions that use best-practice and appropriate standards.

We make use of agile methodologies, but balance this with the need to fit in with our customers’ methods, standards or guidelines.

We have extensive experience with IBM offerings in the Integration, Process Automation, Java development and SOA spaces, and recommend and sell IBM solutions to our customers when it makes business sense for them.

We also have significant experience in the selection and use of open source software.

In recent years our Product Division have invested heavily into Mobile and the building of capacity in the iOS and Android space and possess extensive domain knowledge in the area of education. This has spawned a wholly owned subsidiary called JumpCo Mobile through which all Mobile projects and products are now managed.

In the traditional services space the product division has worked heavily on collateralizing the knowledge that sits within TSC Technologies, and this has given birth to various Integration and Data Validation Frameworks. Some of these have been cloudified.


Collectively our experts have hundreds of years Integration and BPM experience. We’re very confident that our expertise will cater for the majority of like scenarios presented to the team
Stephen MahonyCEO
Edgar MaistryArchitect
Ryan RobertsProduct Manager
Graham BinghamQC Director
Khokhoni RampaphosaSupport Manager